We all have an obligation to serve others; And sometimes we must put the needs of others before our own desires.” ~ Weldon Long

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We provide FREE, professional service and we’re local. Not some giant, national corporation that views you as just another address, much like the banks. We don’t agree with the foreclosure process and want to put our expertise to work by helping Missouri homeowners in our local communities fight back against the banks. We will even hop on a call with you and your bank to explore options that may be available for you to stay in your home…and we do this at absolutely no cost and no obligation.

While mortgage delinquency rates are very low in 2019, there are still about 50,000 home owners across the nation that face foreclosure every month

Just in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson counties of Missouri, we see approximately 260 foreclosures EVERY MONTH


Roughly 45% of these homes will be bought back by the bank. Often times there are options available to prevent the foreclosure